Microcap Millionaires Review

Matt MorrisThe Microcap Millionaires Newsletter by Matt Morris claims to show you how to find small cap stocks priced at pennies and identify which stocks are about to make huge gains.

This newsletter is an excellent starting point for someone who has little or no trading experience. By using  Matt’s guidance you can easily start picking winning trades even if you have no previous experience with trading stocks.

Matt uses his own micro cap stocks system that he discovered called the “Penny Pump Finder Strategy”.

His strategy isn’t just some theoretical non-sense  that was yanked out a textbook. It is a time tested and proven method that Matt has developed through painstaking trial and error with each investment fine tuned using his own hard earned cash.

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Pros & Cons

He says that out of all the micro penny stocks that are promoted from the vast stock index only a few small cap companies actually will rise dramatically in value and he can show you how to find those few small cap investing diamonds in the rough and how to profit.

  • ·             High success rate at picking winners over losers
  • ·             Start trading with as little funds as you like
  • ·             Can do trades in minutes a day
  • ·             Even beginners can make profitable trades
  • ·             Earning Potential  – the sky is the limit
  • ·             Competitiveness of Micro Penny Stock Trading
  • ·             Can get started with just a few trades

Penny stocks are an excellent place to begin investing because of the minimal amount of money each stock cost. Typically, when buying average price stocks, it can be a major decision to buy only a few shares. If a stock cost over $100 then buying any substantial amount of shares can make a dent in your investment portfolio rather quickly.

The advantage of purchasing penny stocks, like the ones that Mr. Morris teaches in his newsletter, is that even a limited start-up capital can take you a very long way to having a solid investment portfolio.

Overall Rating

Overall we give Microcap Millionaires our highest rating. 5 out 5 stars. The only thing we found lacking about the system is most people will jump right in without paper trading their small cap picks and testing the system out first.

The best thing about the Matt Morris investment system is that once you have watched a few stocks make money then you can jump in with your own funds with confidence and start making good money by trading the shares of these small companies.

Once you have done a few trades the method is self funding so you can take your original seed money out and put it back in your pocket and let the penny stock investment ride using your previous profits.

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